Eastern Rehab Services
Helping you regain functional Independence.

The Referral Process

You can obtain the rehabilitation services and/or therapy you need by completing the following 5-step referral process:

  1. Obtain a Physician's order.
  2. Complete and sign Consent Form. [download form]
  3. Receive an initial evaluation by a qualified therapist in the appropriate discipline. Eastern Rehab Services can perform such initial evaluations.
  4. Acquire a treatment plan from the therapist which specifies frequency and duration of treatment. Your physician will need to sign off on this.
  5. Receive prescribed therapy at one of the many locations where we offer our services. We'll come to you and schedule your appointments around you.

Eastern Rehab Services can help improve strength, mobility, balance, swallowing and communication disorders with the goal of promoting the patient's functional independence.

After you've obtained a written order or perscription from your physician and signed our consent form, we can perform an initial evaluation. This initial evaluation will allow your therapist to develop a treatment plan that best addresses your needs. With this plan in hand, we can then provide you the prescribed treatment and/or therapy at one of our many locations or, in the case of hospice care, in your own home.

Physical therapist providing gait training and instructing patient on use of a walker
Gait training and the assistance of a walker has helped
this gentleman regain his functional independence.